Due Date: Monday 11th of September 2017
Venue: Junior School Library

Large or delicate art work to be entered must be brought to the Junior School Library from 8:30am – 9:20am, Monday the 11th of September 2017. All other artwork can be taken to the child’s classroom. Each class has the opportunity to bring their work to the library during the day.

The exhibition will be open for viewing on Wednesday 13th of September between 8 am and 5pm.

All artwork must be collected on Friday 15th of September.


          1. Landscape – The visual representation of an indoor or outdoor scene.
          2. Portrait – The visual representation of a close study of a living being.
          3. Still Life – The visual representation of a close study of non-living objects. This may include picked fruit or flowers.
          4. Abstract – A grouping of shapes and patterns that gives an alternative representation of physical reality.
          5. Sculpture– A 3D abstract or realistic representation. (No Lego please)
          6. Photography – A photograph set, taken and presented by the student.

Conditions of Entry

Each student can only enter one artwork per category, with a maximum of four entries per child.
All entries must be framed with card only. Please provide room at the base of this frame so that we can attach the 5x3cm entry tag. Sculptures must have a piece of card to sit on as well. We will be unable to hang heavy frames.

All entries must be the child’s original work, i.e. no copies of other’s work, or hands-on adult assistance.

Each child and parent MUST complete and attach the following Declaration and Identification Label (see PDF link below) to each artwork in order to enter the exhibition. Early Learning Centre entries only require the parent’s signature.

Please DO NOT write the artist name on the front of the art piece.

The exhibition is divided into two sections; Infant; ELC – Year 1, Junior; Year 2-Year 4.

Awards for Participation (P), Merit (M), Commended(C), Highly Commended (HC) and First Place (1st), in each category will be given. Each award is worth points that will be given for their school house: P-2, M – 4, C-6, HC-8, 1st-10.

The Judges will also select one art work from each division as “Best in Show”.  These will be chosen from works given a 1st place.  They will be awarded a further 10 points towards their House.

Declaration and Identification label

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