Development at Hills

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In 2007, we embarked on a development program to expand Hills Adventist College and enable us to deliver a high quality Adventist education to students right through to Year 12. So far our ambitious building development program has been a great success, with the following new, state-of-the-art facilities completed or under way:

• A new 800 seat Multi-Purpose Centre
• A new Science, Food and Textile Technology Centre
• A new Arts and Library complex
• A new Senior School (in progress)
• Well appointed demountable classrooms

The building phases would not have been possible without ongoing support from the leadership of Seventh-day Adventist Churches. This successful partnership has enabled the College to maintain its commitment to providing the highest quality education in state of the art facilities.
We have big plans for the future and the next phase of development is about to get under way.

Completion of the Middle and Senior School building program is next on the agenda with development of the Middle School fast tracked to address the urgent need for having an Early Learning Centre (ELC), and Kindergarten to Year 12 campus located at Kellyville to complement the Castle Hill ELC, Kindergarten to Year 4 campus. By prioritising the building of a new Middle School, Hills Adventist College will not only provide a purpose built space for Years 5 and 8, but also achieve the College’s goal of being able to offer an ELC, K-12 Adventist education on one campus, for the first time in the Hills District.

After much consideration and a great deal of planning, our immediate priority is to build a new two-storey Middle School. When completed, it will:
• add new classrooms for a growing Middle School student body
• provide additional spaces for small group work, independent research and study
• improve student access to technology
• provide unique teaching spaces
• enable existing demountables to be used more efficiently and effectively for students
• provide an opportunity to establish a Junior School and, most importantly,
• achieve the College’s goal of offering an ELC, K-12 Adventist education on one campus
Hills Adventist College will continue to build both facilities and its reputation for providing quality Adventist education. With the development project scheduled for completion in 2024, there will be lots of activity over the coming years with significant work to be done.

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