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Adventist Schools in Sydney - Our Vision

Jun 28, 2016

Adventist schools in Sydney are committed to providing a holistic education that incorporates spiritual development, academic excellence, physical achievements and social intelligence which encourages students to be independent thinkers and to develop a personal relationship with Jesus.  The Vision Statement, Nurture for today, Learning for tomorrow, Character for eternity, captures this concept in a simple way. This statement is not only relevant for today, but also drives the vision for Adventist Education into the future.

Adventist education in Sydney is an exciting and growing system with an overall enrolment increase of 25% in the last six years. Hills is an excellent example of our strong student growth and the development of exciting new educational facilities. I strongly believe that God is leading and abundantly blessing our schools and school communities in Sydney.

Growing an effective Christian school system in this age of high accountability is a complex and challenging undertaking. Each four years our Adventist school system plans and strategically work towards specific objectives.

Currently our strategic objectives as a system are to:

  • consistently reflect the Vision, Mission and Values of the school in all school policies, documentation and interactions;
  • develop a quality teaching culture where professional conversations between colleagues are collaborative and lead participants to more effective teaching practice;
  • develop focussed structures, programs and diverse effective teaching strategies to address individual learning needs of all students;
  • plan for assessment feedback that is consistent, continuous, immediate, challenges students, and encourages ongoing student self-assessment;
  • use current research to implement and evaluate best practice to enhance student achievement;
  • regularly and systematically analyse student performance data to provide direction for innovation and improvement;
  • create a culture and practice of regular, meaningful and respectful communication between students, their families and the school;
  • actively engage in highly effective strategic ministry initiatives;
  • collaborate and engage in professional dialogue with stakeholders to develop a strong culture of school improvement;
  • develop and implement selection criteria and processes that are effectively used to determine the suitability of the applicant;
  • implement and review information and communication technologies to enhance creative, student-centred learning; and
  • plan and implement surplus budgets that address strategic priorities’

The strong continuous school improvement culture that Hills Adventist College has developed ensures that these strategic areas are being reviewed and prioritized and that your children are safe in a school that provides nurture for today, learning for tomorrow, and character for eternity.