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Our Philosophy

At the Hills Adventist College ELC we believe in providing a caring, safe environment.  We have a Christian focused curriculum based on play which extends and develops children to meet their full potential as individuals, family members and as they become members of the broader community.


We aim to foster:

A Sense of Belonging

  • An understanding that we all belong to God's family
  • An ability to form satisfying and happy friendships with other children that relates to our Christian values.
  • An ability to work and play as part of a group, with the accompanying skills of cooperation, respect for others, sharing and turn-taking
  • An appreciation for people and children from various backgrounds
  • An acceptance of children and people with additional needs
  • Recognition of self-worth as unique individuals made by God
  • A feeling of security and acceptance which will assist children to take their place in their immediate family, church context and wide community with confidence
  • Foundations for school readiness
    • Promotion of collaboration and group projects
    • An appreciation for the values of love, kindness, patience and unselfishness to all people without regard for nationality, race, culture or abilities

A Sense of Being

  • Acknowledging the parent's role in the education of the child
  • Striving to foster effective communication with families
  • Valuing parental involvement
  • An understanding that differences are acceptable
  • An active, inquiring attitude toward learning
  • An acquisition of skills:  listening, questioning, observing and problem solving
  • The ability to follow directions and display initiative
  • A broadening base of general knowledge of the world God made for us

A Sense of Becoming

  • An understanding that Jesus made our bodies and trusts us to look after them
  • Encourage innovations and self-expression
  • Trust in God's love and care for children as individuals
  • Developing an interest and respect for Biblical stories and values