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Our Philosophy

We believe that early childhood is the time of most essential learning in a child’s life and a valuable time for developing moral and spiritual values. We provide a place where our words and actions guide children to be kind, respectful, independent and collaborative thinkers. We support children to flourish and celebrate their differences.

We believe that Jesus welcomes all children and values every life equally, therefore we facilitate an environment of warmth, authenticity, love and care. Anyone who welcomes a child in My name, welcomes Me. Matthew 18:5.

We acknowledge the Darug people as the traditional owners and custodians of our land and we encourage our children to celebrate and respect a diverse society in meaningful ways.

We believe that belonging is an essential part of identity, confidence and contentment. To create a spirit of community we form partnerships with our families, the college, the church and our local community. Through these inclusive partnerships we create continuity of learning and ensure smooth transitions.

By listening to the voices of children and their families we provide a place where children and families feel safe, supported and respected physically, emotionally and spiritually. We value and consider family input about their child to foster a sense of identity and confidence. Input guide educators to respond to children’s strengths, needs and interests.

Staff build relationships with children which guide them to create rich learning environments. Our educators show deep care, respect, and uphold the rights of all children, valuing and nurturing relationships, whilst gaining professional knowledge and reflecting on our practices.

We design learning opportunities for children to become autonomous, responsible, resilient and compassionate citizens. We believe that project-based learning within a play-based framework facilitate these qualities. Rich points of interest are created in indoor and outdoor environments. Critical reflection informs our educational program and guides our practice to implement meaningful experiences.