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The Hills difference

The importance of the whole child

Hills Adventist College firmly believes in nurturing the whole child, providing a caring environment in which each student can grow as a person and as a student. It is important to the staff of the College that each child is recognised as an individual of value.

Hills Adventist College provides an opportunity for students to realise their hopes and aspirations.; a place where they can feel safe, happy and nurtured; and have the ideal platform on which to grow into a healthy, confident and capable adult. Our staff supports them on their journey, acknowledging their uniqueness and individual qualities and talents, each one having their own goals and directions.

Not only are the students valued and nurtured, but the Christian focus that is the centre of our College provides a positive environment in which our students can thrive and develop as individuals.

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How are we different?

Our Castle Hill campus is genuinely unique as it is a boutique campus consisting of students only in Kindy to Year 4.  At full capacity, it will have two classes for each year level. This allows each child to be known by the staff and the other students, and provides a nurturing and safe environment with the oldest children on campus being only 10 years old.  Our Kellyville campus has recently introduced Kindy in 2018, with the Junior School progressively growing over the coming years.  Our Kindy program at Kellyville gives the opportunity for your child to participate in a brand new environment where they can grown with the school, while enjoying the benefits of a small school environment.

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Hills Adventist College firmly believes in older students mentoring younger students, resulting in students in Years 3 and 4 mentoring the Kindy students , becoming their 'book buddies'.  Both Kellyville and Castle Hill Kindy students have the opportunity for this activity.  These students spend time together reading to each other, as well as literacy and comprehension activities.  The students also play together allowing the Kindy students to network with the oldest students on campus, breaking down age barriers and allowing to play happily together in the playground at recess or lunch time.

Christian Focus

Hills Adventist College is one of six Adventist Schools in Sydney and one of 48 Adventist Schools in Australia.  The Adventist school system is the second largest independent school system in the world.  As such we have a dynamic and extensive education base from which to draw.

As a Christian school system our values are underpinned by a Christian World View.  We believe that every child was created by God as a unique and special individual, and as such they deserve respect and a safe place in which to thrive.

We have a strong pastoral care program which is built on the Christian values of inclusion, tolerance and respect.  This helps shape and support the learning that takes place within the classroom, often providing meaning and context to the lessons, rules and discipline strategies.  We celebrate diversity, and encourage students to see past ethnicity, differences in beliefs or abilities and encourage them to respect each individual for who they are.

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Bible Curriculum and Chapel

Kindy students participate in worship and a 30 minute Bible lessons every day with their classroom teacher.  Bible is an assessable subject (appearing on their reports throughout all of their schooling), and is therefore explicitly taught to students.  The Bible curriculum followed is called Encounter and is a spiralling curriculum used in all Adventist schools in Australia and New Zealand from Kindy to Year 10.

The Kindy program starts out with children learning how special they are because they are loved by the King of the Universe and how God created an amazing world for his children, both here and in Heaven. Children learn about Bible characters like Moses, David, Daniel and Jesus as a child and during his time of ministry on earth where he taught us to be kind and thoughtful to others.  The year ends with students learning to understand how Jesus was and is a surprising and amazing gift as they learn the story of Christmas.

A critical part of our week is Chapel.  Students come together during chapel to sing and listen to an age appropriate story either from our Chaplain or a guest speaker.  This is a highlight of the week for our students.  Each class has the opportunity to lead the singing and they love the involvement that this brings.

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Both our Castle Hill and Kellyville campuses have great facilities catering for best educational practice.  All students have lessons in our full computer lab, as well as access to computers in their classrooms, an iPad lab which is brought to their classroom, smart boards in every room, not to mention the well-equipped library, specialist art rooms and playgrounds.

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Specialist Teachers and Subjects

All students are involved in subjects taught by specialist teachers:
Physical Education - Classroom teachers are assisted by a specialist sport company - Moving Bodies
Swimming - Terms 1 and 4

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Bus Service

As a College we have a private bus service which is available for all of our students from Kindy.  For more information on the buses please click here.  If you have further specific questions you would like to ask about our buses, you can contact our bus coordinator at:

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Support Outside the Classroom

Students enrolled at Hills Adventist College have access to the service of a school based counsellor and a learning support teacher.  Both of these positions are part-time only and priority is given to the students with the greatest level of need.  Chaplaincy support is also available within the College, with a chaplaincy team regularly on site.