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Junior School - Castle Hill & Kellyville


Currently, Castle Hill campus caters to Kindergarten to Year 4.  Students then move to the Kellyville campus for Middle (Year 5-8) and Senior School. (Year 9-12)

Alternatively, if your child is starting Kindergarten, you have the option of your child spending all their Primary and Secondary years on the one campus at Kellyville.  Currently, the College offers K-2 (Year 3 in 2021, Year 4 in 2022) and Year 5-12 at the Kellyville Campus



Connecting students and parents with others encourages them to feel comfortable in their college community.

Your child is important to us, and as a school we are committed to encouraging, accepting and nurturing them. We want to provide our students with a well-rounded environment where they can confidently develop into students of excellence. Let us help establish the grounding necessary for your child to feel confident, cared for and capable in these early years of schooling.

Hills Adventist College has a warm and friendly atmosphere – perfect for the little ones starting school. Educational research acknowledges that students learn best when they feel safe and secure. From this foundation, our teachers focus on individual needs, respect for the children in their care, and support for their values and opinions.

The College is in a partnership with parents and caregivers. Your involvement is important and valuable. Through the active Home and School Association, parents are able to assist the College in many different ways – Canteen, special events, and classroom assistance, to mention just a few.

Our professional teaching team focuses on nurturing the strengths of our students. Our teachers are intentional about getting to know your child as an individual, to know their personality, their growth and developmental needs.

Hills Adventist College welcomes the support and involvement of parents within the school. Through various channels we encourage parents to become part of the school community, further boosting support for your child.

These activities include:

  • Social events 
  • Parent Teacher nights
  • Committees – Home and School committee
  • Parent involvement in reading, art and craft, sporting events etc.

These kinds of activities develop the school community as a whole and help extend the relationships that your children form with other children at our school.