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Device Program - Year 7-12

Dear Parents...

We have had our BYOD program running for a number of years now and we have taken the opportunity to review this program and are making a few changes to the way we run technology at the College. 

In 2019 the College will begin the transition from a BYOD program to a Designated Device Program for all Year 7-12 students. This Device program is one in which the College designates the type of device that is to be used by students. We believe that this will ensure that student devices are appropriately matched to classroom requirements and teacher directed learning experiences. Devices will be purchased through an online ordering portal to ensure consistency but still owned by the parents. The College has selected a vendor who will provide competitive options with respect to device cost, insurance, warranty and service. The new device program will be phased in by all Year 7 students each year to purchase a new designated device.

These changes are not made lightly and they are made with learning in mind. The new program will;

• help prevent the disruption to learning that results from failure or incompatibility due to equipment being too old, slow or lacking in specification

• allow for the introduction of consistent inking and touch capabilities in the classroom in order to enhance engagement, deepen learning, increase feedback, personalise learning and make the best possible use of class time.

• allow staff to assist with minor, on the spot trouble shooting

• maintain a safe and ethical online environment

More information can be found by clicking on this LINK  

Any student in year 7-12 in 2019 who requires a new computer we recommend you purchase through the new portal, however, this will be a requirement for year 7 next year. The link to the portal will be sent out early next term and there will be a purchase deadline in November to allow for a bulk purchasing discount, as we are trying to ensure this will ensure the devices are as affordable as possible. Please read the linked document for further and more detailed information about this change.