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Mufti Day Dress Code

Students are expected to dress in accordance with Christian Values. Logos and graphics on clothing should not have evil, lewd or provocative words or graphics.


  • Shirts with sleeves – no singlets or strappy tops. Girls must not be showing bra straps or plunging necklines.
  • Bras should not be a feature of a top e.g. black or coloured bra under a white top

Trousers, Skirts and Shorts

  • Skirt and shorts must be no shorter than 2 cm above the knee
  • Shorts must be knee length (no short shorts), no tights or tight gym pants – leggings and tights must be worn under shorts or skirts. They are not considered shorts or pants alone.
  • Trousers/shorts should not have rips especially around the crotch 
  • Shorts/Pants should cover underwear (nothing hanging down)


  • Closed in shoes – no sandals or thongs (this is a WHS requirement)

Jewellery and Hair

  • Jewellery as per the usual uniform policy
  • Hair as per the usual uniform policy

Parents and students please note: Any breach of the Mufti clothing will require the student to go home and change into clothes matching the Mufti Day Dress Code.