Fee Agreement Form

Fee Payment Agreement

This declaration must be signed by the Parents/Guardians responsible for payment of fees.

I/We hereby:

  • Agree to make payment of Tuition Fees and other charges in a timely manner (as scheduled) to ensure that our fee account remains up to date. Accounts must be paid in full by the end of November
  • Understand that if our fee account is not kept up to date with regular, on time payments student participation in any optional activity, excursion or tour may be restricted and a review of enrolment may result.
  • Agree to immediately notify the Principal or Business Manager of a change in relationship between parents/guardians so that a new agreement can be signed by the person/s assuming responsibility for payment of fees. Until such time as a new agreement is completed, I/we accept full responsibility for payment.
  • Understand that one full term's notice of withdrawal from the College must be given to the Principal in writing otherwise I/we acknowledge that the College will deem a genuine pre-estimate of the College's loss to be one full term's fees, calculated from the day of receipt of written notification of withdrawal.
  • Accept that if our outstanding debt needs to be referred to the debt collection agency engaged by the College, a default fee of 10% of the outstanding balance will be placed on the account prior to passing it on.