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Peer Support at Hills

The Peer Support program for Year 7 students is hosted by our Year 11’s. At the end of Year 10, students who want to be leaders in the peer support program are involved in a two-day training program which focuses on the purpose and skills involved in being a mentor. The training program builds confidence and abilities to be a leader and mentor.

All activities are focused on developing mentoring and leadership skills.
• Team building activities
• Team bonding activities
• Resilience training
• Ice breakers
• Whole group/small group activities
• Questions and answers – covering topics such as - facing challenges at school; how to cope with change; How to handle teenage challenges

At the beginning of the year the Year 11 students are allocated a small group (up to six) Year 7 students. These students get together for one period each week. Their time together commences with a whole group activity, and then they break into small groups and work through a small group activity/questionnaire/challenge based around the idea of resilience or bullying.

The program focuses on developing values, skills and understandings vital to the well-being of our students.  The Peer Support program will assist students to develop:

  • A sense of self
  • Reslience
  • Connectedness
  • A sense of possibility
  • Skills to cope with the rigours of high school
  • Skills to manage changing relationships with peers and adults
  • Skills to cope with peer pressure
  • Communication
  • Management of assignments and exam stress
  • Skills needed to make new friends