60 Years of Education

Our History

We've come a long way from a single teacher and a church hall to our amazing team of staff in our dual-campus College. However, our purpose to provide quality, Christian education hasn't changed one bit.


Our Timeline


In 1961, a one-teacher school began in the hall under the Castle Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church.


In 1965, a two-classroom school was built on two acres behind the church. Until 1968, the Castle Hill church took full responsibility for the school. In that year, four surrounding churches, then called the Hills District, combined to operate the Adventist School.


In 1970, with financial assistance from the Greater Sydney Conference’s “Support our Schools” scheme, the school completed extensions including one extra classroom, offices, toilets and an assembly room. Upgrading of the playground was also carried out at this time.


The school continued to grow, and in 1978, the next stage of the building was completed.


Major Building works commence...

During 1996, a large building project began. This provided the school with a new library, computer room, reception area, offices and staff room first used in 1997.


In 2006 the new Early Learning Centre was opened, and a commitment made to developing a Middle and Senior school.


By 2010, it became obvious that the Castle Hill site was unable to sustain greater growth, and the Middle and Senior schools (Year 5–12) were relocated to the Kellyville campus.


On 25 October 2012, NSW Senator Doug Cameron officially opened the Multi-Purpose Centre, the first permanent building on the Kellyville campus.


Towards the future

The College is now a dual-campus school, with an Early Learning Centre and Junior School (K-4) located at Castle Hill, and a K-12 campus located at North Kellyville.

The College continues to serve the Hills District community and provides a nurturing environment focused on learning, personal development and opportunities for service.

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