How to Enrol

We are now accepting Enrolment Applications for 2022
and have limited availability in 2021.

The Process

The Process

Step 1

Explore our College

Discover all our College has to offer by browsing our website, or visiting our Facebook Page and YouTube Channel for more information. If you have any questions, please call 9851 5101 and ask to speak to our helpful Enrolments Officer.

Step 2

Visit Hills Adventist College

See the College in action. Book a personal tour to get a feel for the heartbeat of the College.

Step 3

Submit an Application

Submit an application as soon as possible for your child to be included on the waiting list. All supporting documents and the $100 application fee is required at this time. The application will be acknowledged by email and the application fee will be receipted.


In 2022, Year 4 will be offered in 2022, to complete our expansion to a K-12 campus at Kellyville. Our Castle Hill campus will still offer Kindergarten to Year 4 (Junior School) and an Early Learning Centre.

Step 4

Waiting list

Your child’s application will remain on the waiting list until Term 2 of the year before they are due to commence at the College. Please alert us should any of your details change during this time.

Step 5

Contact and Consultation

To find out if you are still interested in a place we will contact you to ask you to meet with our Principal. We will then consult with current and/or previous schools, teachers and referees, as applicable. Assessment may be conducted during this time. After your interview, our Admissions Committee will review your application.

Step 6

Placement Offer

Placement offers from the Principal will be emailed to successful applicants. Positions must be confirmed by parents with the return of the Letter of Offer and payment of the non-refundable Enrolment Bond. This must be returned within two weeks.

The Costs

Application Costs

Application Lodgement Fee
$100 is due when an application is lodged. This cost is non-refundable.

Enrolment Bond
An enrolment bond of $600 per child is payable when returning your completed Letter of Offer. This will be held by the College until your child completes Year 12 or de-registers and provides one full terms (10 weeks) notice of departure. At all times the minimum enrolment bond held for a family will be $600, assuming this bond applies until the last child at the College departs.

Document Checklist
  • Application fee ($100)
  • Birth Certificate
  • Previous school reports (if applicable)
  • Most recent NAPLAN results (if applicable)
  • Medical or specialist reports (if applicable)
  • Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) Immunisation History Statement (Blue Book not acceptable)
  • Legal documents relating to special family circumstances, eg. AVO, Court Orders
  • Passport, copies of residency, citizenship or visa status, if applicant or parents are not Australian citizens.


  • The enrolment bond is payable on acceptance of placement offer
  • Reports/certificates must accompany the application
  • Parents wishing to enrol their children at Hills Adventist College must be prepared to support the ethos, policies, rules and discipline of the College.
International Students


International Students

Hills Adventist College welcomes students from overseas, currently or planning to live in Australia with their immediate family. Please find following a range of information that can help you decide if Hills Adventist College is the right for your international student.