Looking after our community

Student Wellbeing

We are committed to providing quality and inclusive learning opportunities for all our students, placing a high level of importance on nurturing student wellbeing and positive mental health.

So how do we do this?

Firstly, we have a strong team of experienced teachers, chaplains and counsellors who take the time to get to know and understand each student. They provide mentorship and guidance, and foster in students a sense of belonging and involvement which helps them develop a strong sense of positive wellbeing.

Our Peer Support program & mentoring

While developing positive student wellbeing is incorporated into every aspect of our College experience, we also have several specialised programs which aim to strengthen this positive wellbeing even further. In our Middle and Senior Schools, our Peer Support program involves teachers and chaplains who train our Year 11 students to become leaders and mentors in our College. Each Year 7 student is part of a small group led by a team of Year 11 students, they meet on a weekly basis to provide support and help them get to know their peers a little better through team building activities and challenges. Similarly, our Year 8 students are mentored by their homeroom teachers to provide peer support to students in Year 5, helping them develop new friendships and confidence as they transition to new routines and learning environments in Middle School.

The Invictus Wellbeing Program

Our College has also implemented The Invictus Wellbeing Program which is a resilience program designed to equip students in Years 7 to 10 with the resilience necessary to flourish and reach their potential in our complex world. Students engage in ongoing outdoor education and regular memory events that promote positive psychology and resilience.

Our Wellbeing team

Our Wellbeing team also includes the important work of our chaplains and counsellors. Our chaplains aim to connect with students and their families, providing additional support when necessary and ensuring students feel they belong in our college community. Similarly, our College Counsellors are always available to provide emotional support and encouragement to help students.

Mrs Girzie Vanas
Director of Wellbeing