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As you are aware, technology is an integral part of learning in the 21st Century and provides a potentially powerful tool for learning. The internet provides access to vast sums of human knowledge and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) provides new capacities for collaboration, feedback and creativity in the learning community.

Hills Adventist College is a fully, secure and wireless-networked campus. We believe technology in the classroom inspires creativity and self-guided, hands-on learning, encouraging students to be engaged in their own learning as they learn to use computer technology as a tool not just a toy.

Students are given regular access to iPads and desktop computers, with carefully selected age appropriate and educational software. All students have their own access password and are taught how to engage with technology, with our Year 7 and 8 students in Middle School being required to bring their own laptops or tablets to school to be utilised within their learning program.  We are currently transitioning to a BYODD (Bring Your Own Designated Device) program, whereby a number of options for devices are offered for families to purchase prior to their child commences Year 7.  More information regarding this is available under "Parent Information" on this website.

Education has a much broader application than what happens in the classroom. The physical education and sports programs encourage the students to engage in inter-personal relationships, healthy living, and important interactive skills. Students have the opportunity to engage in individual and team sports, both on and off campus.  Some of the sporting options include swimming, athletics, soccer, basketball, AFL, netball, volleyball, cricket and more.

All students are allocated to one of four houses and are encouraged to participate in intra-school sporting competitions to represent their house which are held at lunchtime.  Staff are also involved in these knock out competitions, building positive staff-student relationships.

The College engages in three carnivals:

  • Swimming Carnival (Term 1)
  • Cross Country (Term 2)
  • Athletics Carnival (Term 3)












Hills is a member of Hills Zone and provides the progression for students right up to the national level.

The progression is as follows:

  • College Carnival / selection
  • Hills Zone Carnival / selection
  • Association of Independent Co-Educational Schools Carnival (AICES) / selection
  • Combined Independent Schools Carnival (CIS) / Selection
  • NSW All Schools Carnival (State) / selection
  • Nationals

Co-Curricular opportunities allow students to develop themselves into well-rounded individuals. The Middle School child is seeking to develop feelings of autonomy and ownership of their decisions. Often Co-curricular activities provide students with these opportunities to discover who they are and to develop areas of interest and excellence outside of the classroom.

From clubs, to music, to Student Representative Council and inter-house sport - Hills offer students the chance to join in and become involved in the Co-curricular elements of College life.

Not every student is sporty, or artistic or musical or a mathematical genius – but every child has potential and areas of interest, this is why Hills believe in the importance of offering a range of Co-curricular activities that cater to a diverse range of interests. These Co-curricular activities also provide an important connection between students and teachers outside of the classroom environment fostering the development of relationships built on trust and respect that come in shared journeying.

To this end we run clubs and activities in the following areas:

  • Chess Club
  • Choir
  • Band
  • Worship team
  • Inter-house sport
  • Sport teams
  • Maker Club
  • Student Representative Council

Service is an important element of the Hills Adventist College community. Hills believes it is important that children learn to become responsible local and global citizens. To this end opportunities for our students to become involved in service projects both locally and internationally are provided and promoted; and students are encouraged to seek out and support opportunities for service within their own areas of interest and influence.

Some of these service opportunities are developed as part of the Bible curriculum taught within the College and are directed by the teacher. Others are ongoing opportunities that the College as a whole contribute to - for example – fundraising events for local charities and community groups such as Cancer Research and RSPCA ; hours of service for groups such as Operation Christmas Child.

Our students also have the opportunity to become involved in STORMCo trips (Service To Others Really Matters) which typically involves groups of students travelling to outback towns to run Kids Clubs and be involved in community service in the local community.

The major international Service opportunity takes place as part of the Year 11 program and involves a trip to the Solomon Islands where students have the opportunity to live in a local village and contribute to the lives of the community. In the past students involved in these trips have assisted with the labour involved in providing power and lighting to each home in the village; renovations of buildings and schools; digging trenches and laying water pipes to bring running water into the village and building or renovating ablutions blocks for the village schools. These trips are life-changing for the students who participate and make a significant impact on the villages that are involved.

Duke of Edinburgh

Although this opportunity is not available until Year 9, Middle School students are involved in the Invictus program from Year 7 onwards with the opportunity to be involved with the the Duke of Edinburgh Award program in Senior School (Year 9-12).

All Year 9 students are encouraged to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh Award program as part of their Year 9 program. The Award program is developed to empower young Australians aged 14 to 25 to explore their full potential.

Each student who participates in the Award learns a skill, improves their physical well-being, volunteers in their community an experiences a team adventure in a new environment. All participants are supported by staff who have a passion for developing these skills in young people.

There are four sections to the award:
1. Physical Recreation
2. Skill
3. Service
4. Adventurous Journey

Achieving an Award recognises individual goal setting and self-improvement through persistence and achievement.

The Impact?

Through the journey involved in achieving a Duke of Edinburgh award students:
• Are equipped and empowered to achieve the personal best
• Learn to take responsibility for their goals and choices
• Become connected to and actively engaged within their immediate community
• Make a real difference to society through their positive contributions and involvement
• Learn to persevere and overcome barriers to success
• Learn important life skills; and
• Increase their career opportunities