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A place of transition for Years 5 to 8

Hills Adventist College provides students with a safe, nurturing place where they can thrive.

DID YOU KNOW - Year 5 is a major entry point at Hills Adventist College? You don't have to wait until Year 7 for your child to begin their Middle School year.  Starting in Year 5 gives your child a chance to gently transition into the High School Years, supported by a homeroom teacher, with the benefit of specialist teachers encouraging your child in their journey.

The Middle School years are a challenging time for tweens and they can also be a challenging time for their parents.  At Hills Adventist College we recognise the significant character development that takes place during this time and want to partner with you to ensure that your child is able to develop and mature in a safe and supportive environment where your child can reach their full potential.

There is a gradual shift from dependence to independence through the Middle School years and with this comes an increasing need for adults who will foster strong values and provide the necessary care and encouragement for children to feel that they are confident individual’s who are invested in their learning. 

The Middle School at Hills Adventist College is designed to provide students with a 'safety net' the enables them to develop as they embrace new experiences with assurance; knowing that they have the necessary support networks available. Utilising a process of staged transition that prepares students for Senior School, our staff work hard to ensure they become more independent and self-reliant throughout their Middle and Senior school years.

Pre adolescent children are searching for identity and a feeling of safety.  They are often overwhelmed by the way their lives are evolving resulting in insecurity and a change in behaviour. Middle School provides a fluid transition academically, socially, emotionally, physically and spirituality within the College environment.

Hills Adventist College prides itself on being a community of caring, of learning and most importantly a place where the development of character is a priority. As a Christian college our focus and drive is to develop in our students a pride in who they are as students and, more importantly, the integrity they offer as individuals.

Middle School teachers genuinely care about their students, enabling each child to develop their unique identity and abilities.

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