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Home & School Association

Welcome to the Home & School Association page! The Hills Adventist College Home & School Association is an inclusive group of parents, guardians, staff, friends and students. It is an integral part of the College as it interacts with all its stakeholders in various ways.

Home & School plays an active role in providing items for the College that are of a long term duration/legacy, as well as supporting the families and the facilities.

As a Committee, we meet once a month during the school year. This meeting is open to all parents. If you would like to join us, please refer to the College Calendar or contact the Home & School Secretary for more information.


Class Representatives are elected at the beginning of each year to act as a liaison between the children, parents and teachers within the class. These representatives will work together to ensure not only that each of the teachers in the classes are supported, but that the classes get to know each other. This will help build rapport and friendships between the different classes.

If you would like to volunteer for a role within the Home & School Committee or to assist in the Canteen, at Working Bees or events, we invite you to complete this online form. 


Home and School Events