OSHC Service

Mini Miracles operate an OSHC Service on the Castle Hill Campus


We provide a high quality child care service for children attending the schools at which we are based.

We provide a "home away from home" environment where the children are encouraged to develop their social, emotional and recreational skills.

Contact Us

Castle Hill OSHC

Director - Sharon Egeberg 0411 645 615

Email: shazoosh@bigpond.net.au

Key Enrolments

We have staff rostered to collect students from their teachers each afternoon so they don't get lost! Students from the Kellyville campus can travel across on the College shuttle service.

In order for you to receive all your government entitlements and rebates, you MUST provide all the information required on the enrolment form, especially you and your child’s correct dates of birth and customer reference numbers. Without this information, you will be charged full fees, and rebates will not be able to be applied.

We are open until 6:00 pm at Castle Hill each afternoon and offer a homework group, structured art/craft and sports, a 2 course nutritional afternoon tea all under the guidance and supervision of qualified staff.

If you have a permanent booking and your child is away from school / OOSH on a day they would normally attend OOSH, parents MUST contact OOSH and leave a message informing us, otherwise staff panic when they can’t locate your child! Don't leave a message with the school ... text or leave a voicemail message on the OOSH phone.

We are restricted to a certain number of children each session as is determined by the Government and therefore it is vitally important that parents contact us if they require casual care for their child ...... we cannot accept children who just "arrive" and tell us that their parents said to go to OOSH! Please call the Centre Director or leave a text / voicemail message so we know exactly who to expect each afternoon! Staff will confirm once they receive your message.

At the majority of our services, Vacation Care programs and care for pupil free days is offered. (Castle Hill and Wallsend do NOT offer this facility due to insufficient numbers but are welcome to use any of our other vacation Care service locations)

We are open from 7:00 am in the morning (Parklea and Holy Cross open at 6:30 am) and operate for the whole day until 6:00pm at night.

Each service has a booking evening for Vacation Care mid way through each term so that parents can book their child in for the days they require. If Vacation Care is not booked, then charges do NOT apply during this period.

Parents MUST provide their child's AND their own individual customer reference numbers and dates of birth to be eligible for any rebates applied against their fees.

After School Care: $21.50
Vacation Care / Pupil Free Day: $55.00

Children requiring casual care are charged an additional $1.00 per session.

We currently only operate in the afternoons at Castle Hill and Wallsend Adventist Colleges.

We encourage parents to approach their Coordinator if there are any concerns they may have, or email me directly at shazoosh@bigpond.net.au if there is anything that you need to discuss confidentially.

Children are encouraged to be respectful of staff, other children, and the equipment we use at OOSH. Continual negative or disrespectful behavior will result in your child being placed on a Behaviour Contract which seeks to encourage your child to participate in the program appropriately, and if negative behaviours continue that out other children, staff or your child at risk, alternative child care arrangements may need to be made.

Parents will receive a weekly statement via email and are expected to pay their fees regularly and ON TIME. Accounts that fall more than 4 weeks in arrears will be charged a late fee of $10 for every week that your account is overdue, and care may be cancelled until account is settled.

Late fees are also charged when parents fail to collect their child in the afternoon on time. Late fees are $5.00 per minute and this generally prevents late collections!

Please note this form will submit directly to Mini Miracles. Hills Adventist College will not receive a copy of the form.
Gender *
Year they will be in at school in 2019 *
Only complete required if there is more than one child attending OSCH from your family.
Year they will be in at school in 2019
Are there any younger siblings attending registered childcare elsewhere? *
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This section is mandatory for OOSH attendance
By checking this box I agree to have the balance of our account debited in the event that it becomes overdue. *
Emergency Contact 1 (Not parent)
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Emergency contact 2 (Not parent)
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Child/ren's Background:
Does your child/ren have a diagnosed medical condition or disability? If YES, please provide details below to assist us in being able to best assist their interactions and time at OOSH.
If yes, you will need to provide an action plan from your child's doctor AND an asthma inhaler to keep at OOSH before your child can commence.,
If yes, you will need to complete a food allergy form available from the Coordinator AND in the event of anaphylaxis, will need to provide an epipen to keep at OOSH before your child can commence. (NB: This does NOT include food dislikes or personal preferences.)
Do you give permission for photos of your child to be taken at OOSH and used in newsletters and/or advertising? *
Children occasionally become involved in cooking activities at OOSH. All safety measures are taken and risk management plans devised. Do you give your child permission to participate? *
Sessions required? *
Permanent or casual? *
Will you be requiring vacation care if offered at the school? *
Please read through the following points. More detailed information on our policies and procedures can be obtained by asking your coordinator.
1. Parents are expected to collect their child or make necessary arrangements with an emergency contact PRIOR to our closing time. Late fees of $5.00 per minute will be charged, and your position may be cancelled, for parents who are habitually late collecting their child. Please read the parents brochure for opening and closing times at your centre.
2. 2. Parents must contact the service if their child is to be away from OOSH on a day they are normally booked to attend so staff are not panicked when they don’t show up. Because OOSH is a separate entity to the school, just contacting the school is not sufficient. Whilst every effort is made to locate your child, we cannot leave the premises to go look for a child who may have decided to catch the bus home!!! We suggest that parents with children in year 1 and 2 inform your child’s teacher of the days your child will be attending OOSH. Kindy children are collected from their classrooms daily to prevent them from wandering off!
3. 3. Statements of your account are issued weekly via email, and it is your responsibility to ensure that you keep your fees paid up to date. You can pay by cash, cheque or arrange a direct debit via internet banking …. We DO NOT set up direct debit from your bank, as we believe it is your responsibility to pay the account when it is due.
4. 4. Parents who fail to keep their fees paid up to date (more than 4 weeks in arrears) will have the balance owing debited from their nominated debit/credit card, attracting an additional 1.5%, to ensure continued attendance at OOSH is possible. If you are experiencing financial difficulties, PLEASE contact Sharyn at shazoosh@bigpond.net.au to discuss possible payment plans and alternative options.
5. 5. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that your account is paid regularly. Statements are issued via email from Qikkids and are a PDF file, and often goes to your junk / spam folder, so please check there. If you are STILL not receiving your statements, please email me at shazoosh@bigpond.net.au so I can check the email entered into the system.
6. 6. Children exhibiting unsafe behaviour towards themselves or others may be placed on a behaviour contract to assist their ability to attend the service. In extremely rare cases, OOSH may not be the best environment for children with ongoing behaviour problems, and they may be asked to seek alternative child care arrangements.
7. 7. Parents need to be aware that all Mini Miracles OOSH services close for a 3 week period at Christmas (no exceptions). This means we are closed from the end of the last week of Term 4 each year, and re-open again for the last 2 weeks of the January School holidays.
8. 8. If a parent has a complaint about anything that occurs at OOSH, they are to raise their concern either directly with the Service Coordinator or with the Managing Director (me). More information on our grievance procedure can be found in the parent handbook that you received upon enrolment.
9. 9. If there is a change in family circumstances, please inform a staff member so we can be keep a closer eye on your child and any issues they may experience as a result of the changes. We rely on your communication with us to be able to provide the best possible care for your child.
10. 2 weeks’ notice of cancellations is required, or normal fees apply. Half fees applicable when children absent during school term when at least 2 weeks’ notice is provided.
11. Families are only charged for days booked during vacation care. Absences and cancellations during school holidays will be charged at the normal rate. Families booking for Vacation Care and then cancelling in the last 2 weeks of school term will STILL be charged as staffing, excursions, incursions, buses etc have already been organised. Only extenuating circumstances such as job loss or family crisis is the exemption to this policy.
I have read the above policies and agree to abide by them. I am aware that further information can be obtained by speaking with the staff at the service or by contacting the Managing Director for further clarification. I have also received a copy of the Parent Handbook.
Please tick the box provided. *

There are a number of OSHC services located within close proximity to the Kellyville campus if the Mini Miracles service at Castle Hill is not convenient. Please contact the College for details.