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For some of  our students moving into High School grades and having to become used to organising themselves with a locker and keeping track of their books for each subject can be difficult.  To assist them with this we have created an organisation system that we would like them all to use.  Please click on the links below for  more details.


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Locker Organisation

High school can be overwhelming, with multiple classrooms, multiple subjects, multiple teachers, and all the supplies that go with them. It is often the first time students experience the challenge of staying organized and it can quickly become overwhelming for some students. The black hole known as a locker seems to swallow assignments and sport’s shorts alike. But an organized locker can reduce the time spent worrying about where essentials are and allow more time to concentrate on work. Remember a locker should ideally be a well-organized base of school-day operations.

Benefits of an organised locker include:

1. There is a place for everything
2. Materials can be located quickly
3. School work is not lost
4. Being on-time for classes
5. Gives a sense of calm and control
6. Lessens chance of damage and loss

Hints for Effective Locker Management – Locker 101!

Involve your child in the locker set up, so they'll be more invested in the plan and make choices that suit their needs. When the choices make sense to them, they'll be inclined to keep it up. Have your child decide whether books should be grouped to accommodate morning and afternoon classes or grouped as textbooks and exercise books. Assign specific areas in the locker to specific belongings and attach a message board and your child's timetable to the inside of the locker door. Decide on maintenance schedule, this may be a daily straightening-up or a monthly purge.

Popular organisational strategies for students at Hills Adventist College include magazine holders, filing draws, mini-storage boxes and hanging storage bags. In an effort to assist our students in being organised, Year 7 students will be receiving additional support to implement these suggestions.

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