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Kerry  (Parent)

My husband and I recently made the decision to move our two children (Year 6 & Year 8) from the public school system to Hills Adventist College. In their previous school environment, we felt they were not receiving the support they needed to reach their full potential.  Hills Adventists College was recommended to us by a friend and all it took was a tour of the College to cement our decision.

Changing to a new environment is never easy and, if I am completely honest, there were some teething problems early on. There were new friends to be made, new teachers to develop relationships with and new systems and procedures to understand. For example; our daughter was commencing in Year 8 and she had never had a computer of her own before, so she had a lot to learn considering the other students had been using computers in the class room environment for some time.   During orientation, we received an amazing level of support from the school staff and teachers. It became very apparent, very quickly, that this school really does care. I can’t say we have experienced this level of attention in a school environment before. 

To finish off my story, the first of our term reports arrived recently for both children. We were blown away. Whilst there are some improvement areas we can work on from an academic perspective, the effort levels in many areas for both our children were as high as ‘commendable’.  Both our children still have some work to do, but with effort levels that high we are confident that Hills Adventist College can help and support them to reach their full potential.  Thank you Hills Adventist College!

Beks  (Year 12 2017 Graduate)

I really enjoy the atmosphere of the college - the students are so friendly and inclusive.  I remember the first day I arrived.  I was immediately made to feel comfortable and welcome.  At that time, one of the Year 12 students who saw me arrive recognised that I was new and greeted me, showed me around, and made sure I knew what I was doing and where to go.  To come to a new place where you don’t know anyone, and be made to feel comfortable is amazing.  The Christian atmosphere is great – I don’t have to hide or defend my beliefs, these are respected and are also taught in class.  The teachers are really helpful, especially if you don’t understand something.  They are always willing to help and take the time to explain clearly so that you can catch up.  I have learned not to be afraid to ask for help.  I like that it’s a smaller school.  The students are great fun.  They all get on so well.  It’s nice that we all get to know each other, as you become part of the community.  The sport options are great.  I can be involved in any sport that interests me and I am always welcome to join in with games and in that way I make even more friends.

Todd & Angela (Parents)

"Hills Adventist College was an absolute stand out when my husband and I commenced researching high school options for our son. We had attended nine open days at various schools within the LGA. We were so amazed with the positive and passionate attitude displayed by the schools executive, teachers, support staff and students. We were also impressed by the extra curricular activities available to students. The college has always made us feel very welcome and part of the school community. Our son has definitely benefited from the well-structured and resourced curriculum which is delivered in a safe and nurturing environment by caring teachers.

The morality and respectful atmosphere at Hill Adventist College also serves to teach our children to be polite, respectful and understanding members of our community. We are extremely happy that our son has been given the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful school in building a solid foundation for his future. I would recommend Hills Adventist College to any parent or family looking for a well-rounded educational experience for their children. Well done Hills Adventist College."

Angela (Parent)

"Hills Adventist College is the most loving, nurturing and caring school environment I have ever experienced. I cannot speak highly enough of the teachers, who have an amazing capacity to make you feel welcome and valued in the school. I have met all my daughters’ teachers, and each one has given me an accurate account of her learning and ability. They always have a smile and are so sensitive to the students needs. They seem to genuinely love their work! Regardless of how they make me feel, they have allowed my daughter to grow and flourish academically and personally. They have instilled renewed confidence in her, and teach that you just need to keep trying and give it your best. Importantly, they back this up with practical suggestions and tools so students are equipped to “keep trying and give it their best”.

It was very important for us to find a school that reinforced the values we teach at home. In fact, Alexandra was the one who came to us at the end of Year 8 and said she could not continue attending the school she was at, because it was changing her as a person. It was a very mature observation for her to make, and painful for us as parents to hear. When I went on a tour of the college I wasn’t sure what she was thinking. I was impressed and really liked what I heard and saw. She asked lots of questions. Afterwards we went out for hot chocolate and a debrief. She was adamant that this was the place for her. She begged me not to send her to some other schools we were considering. In her heart, she had found the right place for her. And she was absolutely right!"

Alexandra, student at Hills Adventist College and daughter of Angela (Year 12 student)
"School is a little bit like a roller-coaster, there are times when there is a lot of work and assessments, but the teachers are always available to help and support us through these intense times.  Then there are times when the work is less intense where we can focus on relationships, and that is pretty cool, because it’s very easy to make friends, because everyone is so nice."